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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask the Experts

Please note we supply our RV Lithium System Batteries as part of a complete system
and do not supply them for individual sale.

  • I have bought product elsewhere. Will you install it for me?
    We only install the products we supply so you can be assured premium, tried and tested gear has been used in your RV and, as the supplier of the product installed, we can issue a warranty. We do not warranty other suppliers product.
  • Do I need an RV Lithium System?
    If you go camping as often as you can but never enough, run few appliances like a 12 volt fridge, a few lights, pump up an air mattress and charge a mobile phone or two, an AGM Battery System is a perfectly suitable source of power, particularly if your RV is not overweight. Our AGM Battery Systems are built for maximum performance and life. Whilst an AGM Deep Cycle Battery has a much shorter life cycle than our RV Lithium Batteries, the up front cost is more affordable and replacement costs are spread out over time. Our RV Lithium Systems are built primarily with the long-term traveller in mind, those with high demands for power, those requiring super fast charging and for travellers needing to dramatically reduce the weight of their RV's. We have the fastest charging Portable Lithium System - The Lithium Box. Our Systems are high performing, compact, powerful and long lived, which means they are an investment over the long term. Used correctly, our RV Lithium Systems are more economical than AGM over its' lifespan. If you are unsure about what's best for you, please get in touch.
  • How do I work out what power I need to run the equipment I want?
    We can work that out for you. Please see our Handy Pre-Contact Checklist when you click 'Contact Us'.
  • How long will a battery system run my fridge for?
    This depends on a number of factors and when armed with some answers to a few questions, we can tell you. How many and what type of fridges do you run? Is it a 3-way fridge (gas/12V/240V) or a compressor style fridge (12/24V or 240V only) What make and model is your fridge? Do you use it as a fridge, freezer or both? Where & when do you like to go camping? North? South? Anywhere I can get away? What type of camping do you do? Do you drive from caravan park to caravan park with a couple of overnight stays in between? Are you a "Rover" who likes to stay a few days here, then drive to another camp for a few days? Are you travelling for long or short periods in between. If you find a great off-the-grid camping spot, what's the maximum time you'd stay? Do you live full time in your RV and infrequently visit powered caravan parks or avoid them altogether? Do you have Solar Panels and if so are they fixed to your RV or portable and how many and what size are they? Do you take a generator? (Ugh. We loathe generators but each to their own) We know each trip will be different so this gives us a guide to help answer your question.
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