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Bushtrackers' New Beginning

Deciding on a new beginning for their much loved Bushtracker caravan, Mark and Julie chose to remove the tired old 12 volt system and have us install a fresh new RV Lithium System to lighten the load and better support their several month long travels off the grid


  • 4 x 120AH AGM Batteries weighing in at a total of 146kgs

  • 1800W Inverter

  • Enerdrive Battery Charger

  • 130W Kyocera Solar Panels


  • A custom made 360AH RV Lithium Systems Battery Pack weighing only 52kgs, which is equivalent to approx 600Ah's of AGM and a saving of 94kgs in battery weight alone!

  • A Victron Multiplus 12/2000VA Inverter which incorporates an 80A Charger, PLUS we added Victron's VE Bus Dongle with Bluetooth Interface so the Inverter and Charger can be read via the Victron Connect App.

  • Victron's latest DC/DC Charger - The Orion TR Smart 12/30 to receive charging from the vehicle whilst driving

  • A Victron MPPT 100/50A Smart Solar Controller for Solar Charging

  • A Victron BMV 712 Bluetooth Battery Monitor which displays precise battery State Of Charge (SOC)

  • 4 x 175W Victron Solar panels including an upgrade of the Solar Wiring and plugs and an additional Red Anderson Plug for a Portable Solar Panel


  • A Cel-Fi-Go Mobile Phone Signal Repeater

Now Mark and Julie are all set to head off with a lightened load and confidence they'll have all the power they need at their fingertips.

For more information on our RV Lithium Systems contact us to discuss an RV Lithium System right for you.



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