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Good to go the Gibb

Steve walks in to a bar. He catches up with some mates.

Talk turns to the iconic Gibb River Road. A plan is hatched.

They're leaving for adventure in ONE WEEK.

Steve needs a Battery System to run his fridge and some accessories.

Too easy! We fitted The Lithium Box 100/40 SMALL in Steve's Ranger Ute Canopy with an Anderson Plug and he's good to go!

Have fun and safe travels Steve!

The Lithium Box 100/40 Small

  • 100Ah RV Lithium Systems Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery with Cell Balancing and Cell Protection

  • Victron Smart Shunt Bluetooth Battery Meter. Read the battery meter from the convenience of your smart phone.

  • Displays the battery’s voltage, amps in or out, amp hours consumed, time to go until flat, and actual State of Charge (SOC) as a percentage.

  • Master Battery Switch

  • Automatic 65A Low Battery State of Charge or Voltage Disconnect of accessory power sockets and Automatic Reconnect once the battery has received adequate charge

  • Internal Fusing and Output Short Circuit Protection

  • REDARC BCDC 1240D Vehicle 40A DC to DC Charger with Blue 50A Anderson Plug Input, protected by cell protection and 40A MPPT Solar Charger with Red 50A Anderson Plug Input protected by cell protection

  • 1 x 50A (max) Grey Anderson Plug Output

  • 1 x 50A Grey Anderson Plug Output 15A (Max) suitable for Fridge Socket

  • 2 x Accessory (Cig) Sockets

  • 1 x Waeco/Engel Socket

  • A Victron Energy 240V IP65 Battery Charger connection for optional 240 volt charging

  • (5 to 15A max).

  • A Smart Alternator Ignition Wire Input or Loop Connection.

  • Weighs in at only 15kgs Measures 315 x 155 x 275mmH (add 30mm to length for mounting foot)

Enquire about The Lithium Box to get you going at



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