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Hidden Power

We fit a 200Ah RV Lithium System in to a 150mm space complete with an Inverter, 240V Charger and Solar Control.

With the Brief to supply the necessary power with as much remaining space left for tools and equipment as possible, we utilised a dead space behind a fridge slide to kit out Derby 4x4's 79 series Landcruiser company vehicle.

The Cruiser arrived at our workshop following a fit out with a very impressive Lift Off C&S Canopy and we set about building a custom 200Ah Super Slim RV Lithium Systems (RVLSA) Battery Pack, with a Battery Control Unit (BCU) 220BMV featuring Inverter/Charger Control and 400A Continuous Load Control and 150A Charge Control.

To work alongside we installed Victron's MultiPlus C 12/16/70 which is a 1600VA Inverter and a 240V, 70A Battery Charger in one, with an AC transfer switch. The MultiPlus C AC transfer switch, when the vehicle is plugged in to 240v mains power, automatically switches to draw power from the mains and converts the Inverter to a Battery Charger. Nifty!

For Solar power input, in went a Victron Smart Solar MPPT 150V/45A Solar Controller with Bluetooth and we modified the vehicle power input to convert the Solar Controller to a 45A DC to DC Charger as well.

A Victron BMV712 Battery monitor provides all the important stats on the battery and also links to our BCU220 for load control due to low State Of Charge (SOC) or voltage. Bluetooth enabled, the Battery Monitor can be viewed from anywhere on a Smart phone or tablet, like inside the cab of the vehicle.

We linked Victron's CCGX Colour Control Monitor to the MulitPlus, Smart Solar MPPT and BMV712 Battery Monitor allowing control and monitoring of all the Victron Components in an easy to read picture Flow Chart.

The CCGX Monitor is the control centre of the installation and when our client is logged on to Wi-Fi, the CCGX alerts "Victron Remote Monitoring" (VRM) website and automatically uploads data such as performance history, alarm reports and performs software updates. AND from practically anywhere in the world, we can log in and view the systems history and even perform remote servicing!

With the C&S Canopy’s ability to lift off the vehicle, we designed the system to plug in and out of the vehicle and supplied a 175W Victron Solar Panel for the roof rack and extra solar connections for portable solar panels.

To compensate for those hot north west days, we programmed the Inverter to automatically switch on Thermo fans at a set temperature and exhaust heat from the space containing the installation, keeping the electronics cool.

Speaking of cool, Derby 4x4 will be running a 45L fridge and powering all the necessary tools and equipment for on site work, including all National Lunar Interior canopy lighting, accessory sockets, four 10W CUBE floodlights which are operated by switches inside the canopy and also remotely from the key ring and just maybe there was mention of a coffee machine for a pick-me-up for those really big jobs.



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