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Nothing Scruffy about Scruff's Avan

A client for almost 10 years, Scruff came to us this time for the RV Lithium Systems treatment to his Avan.

Setting Scruff up for off-the-grid relaxation involved designing and building a custom 200Ah RV Lithium Battery Pack with a Victron Smart Solar 20A Controller and two 100W Victron Solar Panels mounted to the roof.

Included with this install is:

  • A Victron IP22 30A 240V Bluetooth Battery Charger for mains charging at home or on a powered site. We also pre-programmed the Victron charger with our own Storage Profile to keep the system in peak condition when not on the road.

  • A Victron BMV712 Smart Bluetooth Monitor mounted conveniently on the side of the kitchen bench for ease of viewing. This monitor can also be read from the convenience of a Smart Phone. Handy!

  • A Victron Phoenix 375VA Inverter with a four way power board to run small household appliances.

  • We also added an external Red Solar Anderson Plug Connection so Scruff has the option to boost his solar capacity with a Portable Solar Panel.

To enquire about an RV Lithium System ideal for you, email



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