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Redsands Campers Fleet Build

Cover Photo Photo Johan Bo

Adam and Lucy’s Sands of RedSands Campers’ mission is to provide Australia’s premium quality 4WD campers, allowing their clients to experience their ultimate self-drive adventure. And that’s exactly what they do. Their Hilux’s are fitted with the ultimate of everything so their clients want for nothing and can relax and enjoy our beautiful Oz. We first met Adam in 2015 and since then around 30 vehicles (EDIT: May 2021 we have had 40) have come through us for accessories and off the grid power. The first few fleets were fitted with AGM battery systems but recognising the cost benefits of our RV Lithium Systems over the long term, RedSands now opt for a custom RV Lithium System. Besides the cost savings, our RV Lithium Systems are more efficient, provide more power and deliver more stable power to equipment like fridges. Which means the fridges don’t work as hard, so there’s less wear and tear. Weight savings is also a factor when choosing an RV Lithium System, as is the smaller size which means more room for clients gear. Recently we completed Hilux number 11 to be decked out with an RV Lithium System, which consist of:

  • A 100Ah RV Lithium System LiFePO4 battery (equivalent to a 160Ah AGM)

  • 375W Victron Pheonix Inverter which is ideal for charging clients laptops, camera batteries and ever more so Drones.

  • 30A MPPT Smart Solar Controller. The single cab Hilux’s have a 120W Solar panel mounted over the cab, while the Dual cab models, with two roof top tents, have an optional 150W Solar blanket which can be plugged in if needed.

  • Victron BMV 712 Battery Meter with Bluetooth functionality. The battery meter stores usage history which is a valuable resource when servicing the system. The Bluetooth feature means RedSands can read this history, as can we, to monitor how the system has been used.

  • Victron 30A Vehicle Charger which charges the battery when clients are travelling to another camp site.

  • Victron IP67 25A BlueSmart Charger which is a 240V battery charging option for clients who choose to stop at a caravan park, and of course for battery charging when the Camper is stored back at base.

  • An RV Lithium System, Lithium Battery Control Unit with 65A Charge protection and 100A Load protection

  • Internal and external lights, some remotely controlled

  • Clearview Electric Mirrors



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