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"Roadie" Refreshes On The Road

Seemingly built for the space between the front seats of our 2020 Hiace LWB Van, we installed Bushman's 15L Centre Console "Roadie" SC15L fridge and powered it with a custom RV Lithium System tucked in a surprisingly tiny space under the passenger seat.

With an ample 72Ah custom RV Lithium System Battery Pack, Redarc's 1225D BCDC Vehicle and Solar Charger takes care of charging via a Blue DC Input Anderson Plug and a stylish Black 170W KT Solar Panel mounted to Rola Roof racks.

Two 50A Outlets with a combined output of 50A's are included, as are two Anderson Plugs rated at 10A's for the fridge and another fridge when needed.

Our van is modified to include three rear seats so the addition of two cup holders built in to the "Roadie" is a handy convenience for extra passengers.

Like us, Bushman's are a 100% Aussie owned company and we love the quality and range of their fridges for RV's. Contact us to keep your drinks cold and food fresh and if you need, we'll couple it with an AGM or RV Lithium Battery System to suit your ride.



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