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Setting up the 76

Having been in business 19 years this October, we are always happy to see clients revisit for a fit out when they buy a new rig.

As was the case when Alan and Nola, clients of about eight years, bought their new Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series Wagon in for some gadgetry.

The Lithium Box 100/40 Small fit neatly in a space down the side of the rear drawers, giving the Wagon 100Ah of RV Lithium power with a Redarc 1240D Vehicle and Solar Charger.

Years down the track, if Alan and Nola buy a new rig, The Lithium Box can be transferred to the new vehicle.

The Lithium Box 100/40 Small gets its compact size thanks to Victrons' Smart Shunt.

The Smart Shunt connects via Bluetooth to the Victron Connect App on your phone (or tablet) and you can conveniently read out all monitored battery parameters, like state of charge, time to go, historical information and much more.

Alan and Nola live fulltime in their caravan so one accessory socket on The Lithium Box was put to immediate use with the installation of Australia's only legal Mobile Phone Signal Booster, the Cel-Fi Go by Nextivity.

By using a cig socket to power the Cel-Fi Go, the plan was to relocate it to the caravan when parked up. Allan and Nola are loving it so much, they're keeping it in the Cruiser and installing another Cel-Fi Go in the caravan, along with our custom electric lift antenna mount.

We also fit the cruiser with a Clip-on Rear Vision Monitor, a 170W Solar Panel to the roof bars, a Victron IP65 12/15A, 240V Battery Charger and an RFI CDQ7195 Antenna to the bull bar for good long range phone reception.

To finish, we wired an existing water pump, some lights, cig and fridge sockets in to an existing switch panel and installed a tidy flush mounted Anderson plug in to the drawers.

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