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The Ultimate RV Lithium System - From Tow to Tail

A 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 and Predator Caravan features our RV Lithium Systems to power Jim & Trishs' adventures.

Having already treated their Predator Caravan with an RVLSA 300Ah Lithium System (keep reading), the couple returned to us for a solution to run their 60L Engel fridge in the Dodge Ram factory built lift up boxes of the tray.

We designed and built The Lithium Box (TLB) custom base plate for mounting to the passenger side box base and then bolted TLB100/40 SMALL to it, meaning TLB is easy to remove if required.

In went a Blue Anderson plug power lead for vehicle charging of TLB, an Engel socket in the rear of the tray for the fridge and an Anderson plug charge lead was installed to the tow bar to charge the caravans' RV Lithium System whilst driving.

To make towing and parking the caravan safer and easier, we installed a Rear Vision Mirror Monitor to plug in to to the existing camera on the caravan.

Jim & Trishs' Predator Caravan was pampered with a fresh system upgrade and removal of the tired, 6 year old system which included a dust packed Redarc Manager 30 and 3 x 120Ah AGM Batteries. We kept the van's existing, healthy 3 x 120W Solar Panels.

Our Custom designed and built 300Ah (equiv. to 480Ah's of AGM!) RVLSA Battery Pack reduced battery weight to a mere 40kg from 108kg, and our custom Battery Control Unit (BCU) was programmed to switch off van power and inverter output if the system reaches Low Battery State of Charge or Low Battery Voltage. In this state, our custom BCU still allows the systems chargers to recharge the battery, and when the battery reaches an adequate State Of Charge, Caravan power and Inverter Output is restored. Our custom BCU also incorporates a separate Charge BCU which turns off all Chargers in the event of overcharge / over temp etc.

We supplied and installed:

  • Victron's Multiplus 12/1600VA Compact Inverter with 70A Charger, featuring uninterrupted automatic change over from Mains 240V input to Inverter output. This means 240V appliances such as the microwave, coffee machine, toaster or kettle can be used.

  • Victron's Smart BMV-712 Bluetooth Battery Monitor linked to our BCU which can also be read from the convenience of a Smart Device.

  • A Victron 30A SmartSolar MPPT Solar Controller for the existing roof mounted solar panels

  • A Victron 30A SmartSolar MPPT with a Red Anderson Plug on the side of the van for an Auxillary Solar Panel input

  • A 600W RVLSA DC Vehicle Charge Circuit

  • A Victron Cerbo which connects all Victron and RVLSA devices, maximising system performance in real-time and keeps them in perfect tune. The Cerbo also connects via WiFi to the Victron VRM (Victron Remote Monitoring) website for remote monitoring, servicing and alarms, enabling a live view of the system from any authorised PC, Android or Apple Smart Device - in the world.

  • A Victron Touch 50, 5” touch-screen display which links to the Cerbo, allowing easy one-touch viewing of the system showing:

  1. 12V Battery SOC, voltage, temperature, amps in or out

  2. 240V Watts in and 240V power consumption in the van

  3. 240V Battery charging status

  4. Inverter operation

  5. Solar and DC Vehicle input power

  6. Easy and full access to settings for each device

For the finishing touch, in went two super quiet 12V Sirocco Fans!

Enjoy an RV Lithium Systems solution tailored to you and how you like to travel.



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