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Too Easy TV

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Lyall's Crusader Excalibur Serenity Caravan gears up with the latest model Oyster Vision V Satellite TV Receiver.


  • Very simple operation

  • Innovative swivel-head technology

  • Fully automated satellite searching and aiming

  • 85 cm antenna dish for optimal reception range

  • Automatic satellite swap by channel change

  • Ready for reception in an instant

  • Automatic retraction at vehicle start (terminal 15 must be connected)

  • Dish arm made of ultra-light magnesium

  • Updates via smartphone

  • Single-cable solution

  • Aerodynamic design for low wind resistance (in the retracted state)

  • Weather and hail-resistant construction This System also comes with twin LNB (Sat receivers) so users have a Foxtel AND Vast Box for greater variety of viewing.

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