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Vintage Suzuki Ute with an Ultra Modern Twist

As vehicle enthusiasts, there's definitely nostalgia attached to this 90's Suzuki Sierra brought in to our workshop some time ago.

The owner of this little ripper, reputed for being light and nimble off-road, (the Sierra - I can't speak for the owner) was heading to the ideal destination of Wirruwana - Dirk Hartog Island, 737km's north of Perth and the most Western Point of Australia.

Dirk Hartog is a National Park in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area and is renowned for being one of the best shore fishing spots in Australia. You can also completely "nerd-out" on the islands' historical significance.

Needing some off-the-grid power for the adventure, we installed two 120W Solar Panels to the roof rack and built The Lithium Box 100 for the canopy which, on account of the Sierra's rather small alternator, comes with a Redarc BCDC 1225D Vehicle and Solar Charger instead of the 1240D model.

Along with some camp lighting, electronic devices and a Dual Zone Waeco fridge, The Lithium Box also powers a vintage Engel fridge which just keeps on keeping on!

For more information on the self sustaining power of The Lithium Box, visit:



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