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Shedding Light On Solar

Ready for a house battery replacement, this Volkswagen Crafter with Euro Cruiser body, also took the opportunity to address its solar capability.

With modest power demands running a small upright Engel Fridge and the usual 12V items such as lighting, water pump, etc., we replaced the expired 100Ah AGM Battery with a fresh Hardcore DC105Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery. Power sorted.

To keep the battery thoroughly charged, we installed a Victron 215W/40V Solar Panel to the roof, which is a higher voltage and produces more power than a typical 22V panel.

Inside a cupboard amongst other existing controls, we mounted a Victron Smart Solar MPPT 75/15 Bluetooth Solar Controller which normally, would be too far from the battery to charge correctly due to Volt Drop which occurs over distance.

Victron’s nifty Smart Battery Sense installed to the battery overcomes this issue. Smart Battery Sense is a wireless battery voltage and temperature sensor which transmits accurate data to the solar controller.

This means the battery will be better charged, improving charging efficiency and prolonging battery life.

Contact us to upgrade your off grid capabilities.

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