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Solving Off Grid Caravan Storage

When not in use, Alan’s Crusader Caravan is tucked under a caravan cover and stays at a storage yard without mains power. With the roof solar covered and no facility for 240V charging, Alan came to us for a portable solar panel setup, to keep the batteries charged and in peak condition whilst in storage.

We went a step further and suggested installing a permanently rear mounted 55W solar panel, so it can not only be used in storage, but all of the time.  This solution works particularly well as the position of the van in the storage yard faces north. Perfect!

Modern caravans have many electrical items that use 'standby power'. Like when you turn off the TV and the standby light stays on. Stereo's are another such accessory, as is the battery monitor / battery management system which uses milliamps to record data about the system.

For example, a van can use over 2.5Ah a day (100 milliamps per hour) with items on standby, so in a month of storage, a van has used over 75Amps. Left long enough, a battery will go flat, reducing battery health.

Victron's 55W solar panel, teamed with a Victron Smart Solar 75/10 Bluetooth MPPT solar controller, fits perfectly in between the spare tyres and now provides adequate charge for worry free storage, and the van's battery system will be ready to go whenever Alan is.

For a solution right for you, contact us.



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